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VM stands for 'Virtual media' it is the use of streaming video technology to make online video advertisements and presentations more effective for web masters and companies. Streaming media technology is a relatively new technology in the world of Internet marketing and online presentation. Education through the Internet has also gained from this virtual media. Virtual media started making its existence known to the World Wide Web in the early 1980's. However, the technology was not so advanced to incorporate the ideas of VM Direct at the time. The level of computer hardware development had a long way to go with a lot of technological hurdles to overcome. Some areas of computer technology that had to be covered were memory chip capacity that had to be greatly increased and the transmission technology of the Internet had to be enhanced.

The late 1980's saw a great improvement in the field of computer technology and the Internet as a whole. Computers became much faster and now had the ability to display complex graphics along with audio reproduction. Multimedia techniques advanced much more than expected and set the stage for the VM Direct technology to take over virtual presentations and advertisements became more interactive producing far better results than any web entrepreneur ever imagined. VM Direct were the first to market streaming technology utilizing JAVA-based stream requiring no software, downloads, executable files or media players. No barriers to entry for potential viewers. The best part - affiliated consultants/businesses could earn a huge stream of revenue by offering this cutting edge product to their own clients.

It goes without saying that VM Direct and streaming video technology has seen a lot of change in the streaming media industry over the last few years, with increased broadband penetration and user-generated video shifting the business and technology focus from the enterprise and institutional markets to the consumer space. In 2004, the conference on streaming video and interactive marketing discussed topics relating to marketing on the Internet with vendors focused almost exclusively on enterprise solutions and applications, by a ratio that was close to 4-to-1. At VM Direct the pendulum had begun to swing in the other direction, vendor pitches highlighting ways to capitalize on the booming advertisement media and entertainment market. The technologies that were perfected in the enterprise space while broadband penetration lagged behind are some of the solutions that have allowed media and entertainment publishers to seize audiences who, now that they have the access, are hungry for online video.

One of the largest government contractors in the United States can be used as an example of the advantages of streaming video, Lockheed Martin has been using streaming video for communications regularly for three years, beginning with the company's "all-hands" meetings led by the business unit's president in 2003. Since then, the use of both on-demand and web casting has grown by leaps and bounds. The number of individual web casts increased by four hundred percent in the last year, according to Eric Hards, senior design engineer and leader of Lockheed Martin's multimedia solutions team. It is no wonder that VM Direct technology is here to stay.

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