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They are publications that are made on a webpage or in a part of a web page. Blogs are supposed to be updated periodically. New publications appear in the front page; older publications appear in the last pages of the blog. As the description stated above, the word blog means a regularly updated page. Blog is also used as a verb, and in that case it means to write in a regularly updated page. The word "blogger" is also added to the dictionary which obviously means that is the person who is in charge of updating the blog itself. There are different kinds of blogs and each one can be differenced from the others according to the topic of the blog itself as well as the kind of interactivity that exists between blog users and blog readers. When we talk about topics, these can be opinion blogs or blogs about self-experiences. Some blogs are private which allow few or zero interactivity with other blog users while there are public blogs that allow a lot of interactivity between blog users.

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